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Borrowing / Self Check-out

Patrons are able to use both the First and Ground Floor Checkout Desks to borrow their materials. We also have self-service stations on these floors that patrons can use to quickly scan out library books. The kiosks include a special de-coupler that even allows self checkout of CDs and DVDs. Please note that you’ll need your library card and PIN to use the self-service kiosks.

Public Computers-Effective December 11th, no in-person computer usage is available.

Ground Floor – Can be used by children age 12 & younger
First Floor – No age restriction, but internet is filtered
Second Floor – Patrons age 13 and older

You may log in to the computers using your library card or see the second floor reference desk for a guest pass.


We have wifi access on the Ground, First and Second Floors. (Pollard-Free-WIFI). There is no password necessary.  PML’s Internet Policy.

Photocopy/Scan –Effective December 11th, no in-person photocopying or scanning is available.

The Library has copy machines located on two floors – Ground and Second. There is a $.15 charge per copy. The machines are able to give change for $1 and $5 bills only. All coins except pennies and dollar coins are accepted. Credit and debit cards are accepted on the Second Floor only. 

There is no charge for scanning—bring your own thumb drive or borrow ours.

Printing – Effective December 11th, no in-person printing is available nor using our print from home service. We are only offering curbside printing. Please email all documents to or call 978-674-4121 for more information about how to use this service. 

Public printers are available on the First and Second floors.

You can print emails, documents, photos, boarding passes, web pages and more at the Pollard Memorial Library either printing directly from a library computer or using your smartphone, tablet, home computer, or laptop to send your print request.

Black and white copies are 15¢ per page. Payment is by cash or credit and debit cards. The machines are able to give change for $1 and $5 bills only. All coins except pennies and dollar coins are accepted. (Please note that the public service desks cannot give change). Copies must be picked up within 72 hours of sending. Credit and debit cards are accepted on the Second Floor only. 

There are 3 ways to mobile print.

  1. Print from our Mobile Print Website – – this will work for smartphones and tablets as well.
    1. Select the Floor from which you’d like to pick up your print job
    2. Enter an email address
    3. Browse to select your file. Click on Open.
    4. Click on the green printer icon under the file selection.
  1. Forward from your email account – use the library’s printing email address to print directly from your email account. Note: this method will send a print request for the body of the email and a separate print job for any attachments.
    1. Email to pick up jobs on Floor 1
    2. Email to pick up jobs on Floor 2
      Also Note: You may not print password protected attachment (i.e. payroll stub) because it is encrypted. To do so, you must first take a screenshot of the protected document.
  2. Download the Mobile Print App – to print from your smartphone or table, PrinterOn has an app that you can download.
    1. When you have the app downloaded, you’ll need to select a printer – search for Pollard Memorial Library and enter your email to get your print job.
    2. Download iOS app.
    3. Download Android app.

Having problems with mobile printing?

See our Reference Staff on the Second Floor for help or call 978-674-4121.

Curbside Printing – Available now!

Curbside Printing – to utilize curbside printing, please email items that you need printed to You will need to provide contact information (name and phone number required) for the staff to reach you when the items are ready for pickup. Please be advised that due to demand, it make take some time to print materials.

Please be advised that patrons will need to have exact change or checks in order to pick up materials during curbside hours. Thank you for your understanding.

Fax-Effective December 11th, no in-person faxing is available.

A fax machine is available for patron use behind the Second Floor Information Desk. There is a charge of $1.75 for the first sheet and $1.00 each additional sheet for all US-based phone lines. International faxes cost $3.95 for the first sheet and $3.50 each additional sheet. Faxes must be paid for with a credit or debit card.

The Library does not currently have a service for patrons to receive faxes. There are applications online that allow faxes to be sent directly to a user’s email.

Tax Forms & Tax Assistance

Many common Federal Income Tax forms are available on the Ground Floor of the library starting in January. Other Federal forms are available online at The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Income Tax forms are available on the Ground Floor of the Library. Other state forms and all state tax form instructions are available online at the Massachusetts Department of Revenue website. All paper forms are available while supplies last.

The Lowell Senior Center provides tax assistance for persons aged 55 and older starting the first week of February. For more information contact the Senior Center at 978-674-1172. Additional resources will be posted as they become available.

Microfilm Reader-Effective December 11th, no in-person services are available.

Four microfilm readers and one electronic microfilm scanner are located on the Second Floor.  Printing is available at $.25 per copy. There is no charge for scanning—bring your own thumb drive.