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Discount passes to area museums and parks are funded by the Friends of the Library except where indicated. Passes are free to borrow by patrons with a Lowell library card in good standing. Please note:

  • Museum passes may be reserved online by Lowell library card holders only. MA residents are eligible to reserve passes to any museum located in Lowell and members of the Friends organization can book any museum pass in person at the First Floor Checkout Desk.
  • Passes may be picked up the day before use. If the library is closed the day before use, you may pick up passes two days ahead.
  • To cancel a reservation please use the link in the confirmation email or call the library at 978-674-4120.
  • Passes that must be returned need to be brought to the First Floor Checkout Desk in its clear plastic bag by 10AM the following day. You may also return the pass after hours, to the media drop box on Colburn Street. If the library is open please bring the pass to the First Floor Checkout Desk. Late fee is $5 per day, lost bag fee is $10, lost pass fee is $25.
  • You may reserve up to 5 passes per week. You may reserve any particular pass once a week.
  • The system will not allow reservations to be made if your library card has fines of $5 or more or if your library card has expired. Please call 978-674-4120 for assistance.