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We're Looking for a Few Good Friends!

The Friends of the Pollard Library are looking for candidates for office. Full details available at our Friend’s Page where you can also find a membership form and join if you haven’t already. And, if you have joined it would be splendid if you’d consider applying for an officer’s position. 
The Friends do so much for the library — including organizing an annual book sale fundraiser which is always a big hit amongst the mill city bibliophiles, sponsoring library events, and funding our museum pass program. But they wouldn’t be able to do any of what they do without your help. If you’re reading this, you care about the Pollard Library and we’d love it if you could consider getting involved. Thanks again for all your support!
Mark you Calendars:
The next Friend’s of the Pollard Memorial Library meeting is 
Wednesday, December 8th at 6pm. 
Ground Floor Meeting Room
Pollard Library
401 Merrimack St, Lowell MA