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The Best Books of 2022 

Each year, magazines, websites, newspapers, book review journals, awards committees, and libraries share their lists of the best books of the year. Some lists are short, with only 10 titles. Others highlight books from various genres and can be as long as 200 titles once all are combined. These lists demonstrate just how subjective reading is. Out of the 50 lists Alison viewed (and there are even more than that) only 1 book is on at least 20 of the lists. Overall, Alison tallied 796 different titles, and of those, 523 appear on only one list. There are fewer titles recognized on the lists in 2022 than in 2021. 43 lists have at least one book that did not appear on another list. The books below are the most critically acclaimed of the year, appearing on at least 10 lists.  

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Many great books were published in 2022. If you are looking for more options, click on the image below. It includes books that appear on at least 5 lists as well as staff picks. It also indicates which books are available in alternate formats, such as Large Print, Audio, Overdrive (Libby), and Hoopla. Due to demand, many of the book have waiting lists. 

2022 Best Books Handout – click on image to download full handout.


Let us know if you read any of these books. If you love these books, you can write a review or place them in the “Awesome Box” at the ground floor checkout desk.  

If you are not comfortable entering the library, you can request items for curbside pickup during our regular hours (Monday-Thursday 9-9; Friday and Saturday 9-5). You can reserve a book by placing a request in the online catalog, filling out a request form, or calling the reference desk at 978-674-4121