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Snapshot Day Numbers!

The numbers are in for last month’s Snapshot Day. On April 13, 2011 the Pollard Library took part in a National Library Week effort to document a day in the life of a library. The numbers and comments below are compiled from observational records from staff and an optional patron survey.

Snapshot Day Numbers:
Total Visits: 502
Total Circulation: 465
Interlibrary Loan Requests: 131
General Reference/Research requests: 142
Reference questions related to computers and printers: 18
Reader’s Advisory Questions answered: 37
Museum Pass Questions answered: 7
Tax Form Questions answered: 4
Attendance at programs: 44
Use of meeting rooms: 44
Use of Internet PC’s: 223
Newly registered borrowers: 17

Optional Surveys completed: 95
From the surveys completed here are the number of patrons who listed as a reason for their visit:

Visit General: 45
Check items out: 60
Job Search: 13
Research: 33
Homework: 17
Use Internet/Library computers: 44
Interlibrary Loan: 17
Get a library card: 16
Get tax forms: 4
Attend a Class: 2
Attend a program: 13
Volunteer: 3
Use a quiet room: 2
Read newspaper: 3
Play chess: 1
Here is what people wrote in the feedback portion of the survey. I have corrected obvious spelling and grammatical errors but by and large remained true to the original message. The question on the survey read:
Other feedback is welcome:
  1. “The kids programs at the PML are awesome!”
  2. “I really like the library – I like the interlibrary loan”
  3. “The library is invaluable to me—for research and writing. Great collection and staff.”
  4. “Love this library. But the video collection is pathetic.”
  5. “I love the library, it helps me give my child an A. When it comes to making memories from the videos, books, down to puppets. Awesome place to be!!! Thank you.”
  6. “The library is the best thing Lowell and Massachusetts have to offer”
  7. “I have been coming to the library for over 50 years and it remains one of my favorite places in Lowell. Staff are always pleasant and helpful and the general atmosphere is equally pleasurable.”
  8. “My visits to the Pollard Memorial Library are always pleasant, as I receive service with a smile!”
  9. “More time to computer up to 1 hour. Also some employees are crast [sic]. Most are friendly and very helpful.”
  10. “Computer time is short. Cannot complete tasks.”
  11. “Enjoy being able to order items from other libraries.”
  12. “The workers are very polite”
  13. “Outstanding people.”
  14. “What ever they decide for the library program. They should keep this option available for current residents and children.”
  15. “In general, I have found the staff to be very helpful and informative, not just to me but to others. This is particularly so at the reference/research section.”
  16. “I believe the staff here is very friendly, and helpful. Always willing to answer questions and address me politely and professionally.”
  17. “Through the Interlibrary Loan section of the library, I was able to borrow the most recent edition of a physics textbook by name Conceptual physics, Paul Hewitt which has been very useful for me. Making use of the Library’s quiet reading room is such a great idea. Thank you, Pollard Memorial Library.”
  18. “Staff is pleasant and helpful”
  19. “Staff is pleasant and helpful”
  20. “The library is of crucial importance to the community. There are some great staff at the library. However recent difficulties expressed in the press are one sided and patrons in general suffer due to mis-perceptions that have been created. There are obvious staff issues that need to be acknowledged and addressed as well as the difficulties with a small percentage of patrons.”
  21. “The atmosphere is very pleasant. And the staff is very helpful.”
  22. “Great music and other media such as movies / books / DVDs. Great source of community activities and classes/programs. Awesome activities for children. Other historical activities throughout the year are awesome.”
  23. “Very quiet and relaxing library. Nice staff.”
  24. “This library is very helpful for me in terms of getting on the internet and doing homework.”
  25. “We love our public library!!”
  26. “Always enjoy working—environment friendly and helpful”
  27. “The library is a quiet place, most of the time, where I can go, relax and do my homework, research and studies in peace and serenity. Plus, not many people bother you, unless you’re doing something ridiculous. It’s a students’ paradise.”
  28. “Love the Lowell Library. Building is beautiful, librarians are accommodating and you always have what I need. Thank you.”
  29. “TTY is very old. We want to you suggest set up for the video phone only deaf people to the communications.”
  30. “In restrooms use electric dryers.”
  31. “Good place for me, interesting.”
  32. “Helpful – professional – informed.”
  33. “I like how the library is well ordered and the librarians are helpful and nice. If I could choose anywhere to be, I’d be here to focus on school and such.”
  34. “The library is great. Thank you.”
  35. “All your employees are very helpful and welcoming always bright and cheery”
  36. “Staff are very professional and proactive. They are an enormous asset to one of Lowell’s greatest assets.”
  37. “We love the Lowell Library’s history and stately beauty. Have used it since moving to Lowell in 1977. I love to see libraries in other places as well.”
  38. “I mostly use the website to get books rather than picking them off the shelf.”
  39. “The library is a quiet place to study”
  40. “Excellent help.”
  41. “The library is invaluable”
  42. “I have found the staff to be very helpful and pleasant. Beth is great with the children during youth programs. Love the children’s reference librarian. Thanks to everyone.”
  43. “Exceptional architecture. Pleasant staff.”
  44. “Parents don’t realize they can check puppets out.”
  45. “I love the library. To browse, read, just look….walk through the stacks reading whatever catches your eye.”
  46. “Staff is great. Should wear name tags.”
  47. “We do a weekly visit, my 2 year old grandson love this library. We also love story time.”
  48. “We found that getting DVDs for our small children helped us and them to come back every week without fail to get books also. Now they are older they get several books each a week and they still like the DVDs.”
  49. “Huge library fan—love getting items for free. Library staff is friendly and helpful!”

Thank you to everyone for your patronage, and for making 2011 Snapshot Day a success here at the Pollard and across the Commonwealth!