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Park Service Civil War Trading Cards - Last Week for Luther, Abba's Up Next

This is the last week to pick up your Luther Ladd Civil War Trading Card created by the Lowell National Historical Park and available now at our public desks. Get ’em while they last! Beginning next Monday, August 1st and for the rest of the month of August we will be offering Abba Goddard’s trading card, which is ironic because she wrote for the Lowell Offering. Here are some other facts about Ms. Goddard and her connection to the Civil War from her Park Service Trading Card:

Abba Goddard moved with her family to Lowell in 1834. She wrote for the Lowell Offering in the 1840s under the pen names A.G.A. and A.A.G. In October 1861, Goddard left Portland, Maine with five other women to accompany the 10th Maine Infantry as a nurse. “Miss Goddard will receive the blessings of our sick boys to the end of life,” stated John M. Gould, a veteran and historian of the 10th Maine.