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MP3 Audiobook CDs

MP3 Audiobook CD’s? What does that mean? Well, you probably know that an MP3 is a digital form of audio file that enables us to walk around with thousands of songs held in a device the size of a pack of cards (or smaller). The compactness of this technology has finally transferred to the world of audiobooks. So, instead of a 7 or 8 disc audio CD set, we now have entire books available on 1 MP3 audiobook CD. No more, changing CDs in the car, or carrying around bulky cases. You’ll have to make sure your CD player can read MP3s most recently released CD players have the capability to play MP3 CDs, check your owners manual to be sure. The MP3 CDs are interfiled with our traditional audiobooks on the First floor of the library. Ask a library staff member for assistance if you have any questions. Happy listening!