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Milkweed Seeds, Available Now!

The Pollard Seed library has returned for the fall! Milkweed seeds are now available on the first floor of the library!

Monarch butterfly population numbers are in decline. We can help conservation efforts by planting milkweed.  Monarch butterflies lay their eggs on the underside of milkweed leaves. Once the caterpillar emerges, it feeds on the milkweed leaves until its growth is complete. 

Here in Massachusetts, the fall is the ideal time to plant milkweed. The seeds require overwintering to germinate and will sprout in the spring. For best results, plant them in a sunny spot. Complement your milkweed with other flowers Monarchs pollinate such as asters, cosmos, and goldenrod!

Stop by the library, pick up a seed packet, and start planting today!