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Lowell History Reading and Discussion Series Begins This Tuesday at O'Leary Library

Legendary Locals of Lowell lowellv1 umasshistlowellv2

UMass Lowell Libraries have organized an exciting series of reading and discussion sessions about Lowell History. The first one will feature Dick Howe, Jr. on his book Legendary Locals of Lowell this Tuesday, January 28th from 7pm-9pm on the mezzanine of the O’Leary Library, 61 Wilder St. Lowell.

The Pollard will be hosting discussions led by Dr. Robert Forrant (February 20th at 6:30pm) and Martha Mayo (April 8th at 6:30pm) on John Pentergast’s Arcadia Images of America Lowell Vol. 1 & 2 respectively. 

Dr. Marie Frank will be leading a discussion of her book on the History of UMass Lowell at the O’Leary Library on March 11th at 7pm.

You can register for the series by visiting the reading series homepage: