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Indigenous Peoples’ Day

“Indigenous Peoples’ Day is observed the second Monday of October in the United States to celebrate the survival and contemporary experiences of Native peoples. It is important to note that this observance is recent. Historically and conventionally, this date has been recognized as Columbus Day, and it continues to be observed as such by the Federal government and the majority of states […]. That being said, more than a dozen states and the District of Columbia officially recognize the day as Indigenous Peoples’ Day. The move to Indigenous Peoples’ Day, and away from Columbus Day, acknowledges the colonial and violent history of Columbus’s presence in the US, which resulted in the deaths of millions of Native people and the forced assimilation of survivors. Moreover, Indigenous Peoples’ Day recognizes Native people as the first inhabitants of the Americas, including the land that became the United States of America.” Taken from .

There are many things to do in Massachusetts to celebrate the holiday and learn more about the Indigenous people who live and lived in this space.

Links to events:

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