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Independent Film Night This Thursday, May 12th @ 6:30 - How I Ended This Summer - a film by Aleksei Popogrebsky

How I Ended This Summer (2010) – a film by Aleksei Popogrebsky. 130 min. Unrated.

We have a special treat for you this Thursday, May 12th @ 6:30PM. We’re taking a trip with us to a place where winter never ceases—The Arctic Circle—and you thought winter was over! This latest film in our Thursday Night Independent Film Series is a psychological drama set in an meteorological station on an island far in the Russian arctic. The station has a staff of two men who have been given the job of recording readings from their radioactive surroundings. One of the men is a gruff seasoned vet and the other a college kid complete with mp3 player. But when the college kid gets some disturbing news that he decides for a while to keep from the vet the consequences of his decision are startling. This is a compelling study in human nature and a stripped down, almost allegorical story for the human condition.

The Pollard Library Independent Film series occurs the 2nd Thursday of every month! Please note: These Independent films are not rated by the MPAA and should be considered for mature audiences.