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Holiday Vacation is coming up! Don't Forget to Reserve Your Museum Passes!

Nancye Tuttle’s cover story in yesterday’s Stepping Out gave lots of great advice to parents and caregivers for what to do with kids over winter break. We appreciate the fact that she listed the two great programs we’re hosing at the Pollard in addition to a slew of other great free library programming in the area.

We also wanted to call attention to our museum pass lending program made possible in large part by the Friends of the Library. The library has passes available for free or discount admission for many area musems. From Lowell’s own American Textile History Museum , Boot Cotton Mills Musem, New England Quilt Museum, and the Whistler House, to the Discovery Museums in Acton and the Children’s Museum in Boston, to the Museum of Science and the Museum of Fine Arts. You can browse and reserve your pass today on our website.