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Holiday Scavenger Hunt is done!

Congratulations to our winners of the library’s scavenger hunt raffle! Thank you to everyone who came out and participated.

We’ve had requests for a listing of the answers and questions, so here they are:

Holiday Library Scavenger Hunt Answers

  1. Which reindeer is misbehaving in the stable? Rudolph or the red-nosed one are acceptable answers.
  2. Where is the door of the “Office of Misfit Staff” located in the building? The Children’s Department Office (Room G25)
  3. The garland on the main staircase (Merrimack St. side of the building) has book related ornaments on it. Which holiday book is your favorite? Choices include the Grinch, Hanukkah, the Tomten, The Night Before Christmas, and many more!
  4. On the mini tree at the First Floor Checkout desk, there are a number of ornaments. How many RED ornaments are there? No touching, please! 4
  5. What’s the name tag on the ghost dog on the Nightmare before Christmas display? BONUS: Who is this? Leila—who is our amazing YA Librarian Beth’s working dog. Leila helps to make sure that Beth has an extra pair of eyes to keep her safe.
  6. What is the wreath on Room 218 made of? (Ask a librarian if you don’t know already) Library checkout/ due date cards
  7. What day does Hanukkah start? Sunday, December 22nd
  8. Go to and type in your favorite holiday (write it here: _______________) and then write how many items you can borrow digitally. Various answers, but could include Christmas—416 (417 as of 12/18/19), Hanukkah—5, Kwanzaa—2, New Year’s Eve – 4 and others!
  9. What is the tree that’s located under the Welcome poster made of? Books and garland
  10. What is a penguin in the “Snow place like the library” display wearing? Green earmuffs or a blue hat
  11. On the 2nd Floor, the Reference Desk has presents on the garland. Who’s receiving these gifts? Best-selling authors (New York Times) or authors are acceptable answers.
  12. What/Who has greenery on his hat over the local history writers ‘collection? Frosty or snowman are acceptable.
  13. Find a CD in our collection that you’d select to play over the holidays. List CD name and artist. Various answers
    are acceptable.
  14. Write the names of 2 PML staff members. Any 2 staff members are acceptable.
  15. Go to the catalog ( and find a holiday movie that’s in our collection and write the call # here. Various choices are acceptable answers.
  16. Snowflakes are all over the building. What space has your favorite ones? Snowflakes were on the third floor, second floor, first floor tree and others.
  17. Which made of snow friend and buddy are represented in the display case on the Colburn Street lobby? Olaf/Frosty/Snowman and Sven/Reindeer are acceptable answers.
  18. Which library holiday program would you want to attend? Various choices are acceptable answers.
  19. Where can you go/call to find out if the library is closed due to snow?, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. On snowy days, you can also give us a call at 978-674-4120 to see if we are open or closing early. City office notification (will not mention library) will appear on WCAP 980AM.
  20. The Christmas tree at the bottom of the Grand Staircase is only decorated with 2 things. What are they? Snowflakes and ribbons.
  21. On which floor is the holiday cookbook display? First floor.