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Hail to the Chief!

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Throughout the 1800s, Americans observed George Washington’s birthday as a day of remembrance. Toward the end of the century, it was declared a federal holiday. When the Uniform Monday Holiday Act took effect in 1971, the holiday was moved from February 22, the date of Washington’s birth, to the third Monday in February. The date change led many to consider the day a celebration of both Washington and Abraham Lincoln, who was also born in February. Eventually, the day became known as Presidents Day. Today, we are highlighting all 46 presidents with a book about each one. Click on the book’s image for additional information.

Some of our country’s presidents have been the subject of many books. For more reading options, do a subject search for the name of the president in the online catalog. You can even look for books in other libraries.

To reserve a book, place a request in the online catalog, fill out a request form, or call the reference desk at 978-674-4121. Although we are closed to the public, we are offering curbside pickup Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 10-5, Tuesday 11-7, and Saturday 9-1.