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Birthday Matinee - "What Happened to Kerouac?" by Richard Lerner and Lewis MacAdams, Saturday, March 12, 2011 @ 1PM

Come celebrate what would have been Jack Kerouac’s 89th Birthday by taking in Richard Lerner and Lewis MacAdams’ affecting documentary “What Happened to Kerouac?” Saturday, March 12, 2011 @ 1PM.

This powerful documentary shows Jack Kerouac’s unique creative process and rise to fame as a writer, while also shedding light on his turbulent personal life and the decline and tragically early death of Lowell’s own King of the Beats. (FYI, the above clip is not from What Happened to Kerouac? so don’t go looking for it.)

This event is co-sponsored by the Lowell Film Collaborative, Lowell Celebrates Kerouac!, and the Friends of the Pollard.

And while your in the birthday spirit, don’t forget to check out Lowell Celebrates Kerouac’s full list of the 2011 Kerouac birthday related events. Especially the evening line up of events featuring David Amram organized by the good folks at