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Are eReaders more environmentally friendly than printed books? The library might just have the answer.

In case you were wondering if using an eReader would have a positive impact on the environment you might want to check out this recent Slate magazine article comparing the relative carbon imprints of eReaders vs. printed materials. The conclusions are interesting, especially the fact that ultimately, the most environmentally conscious choice might just be to patronize to your local library (and, of course, to walk there and back while you do so). But you probably already knew that.

Did you also know you can surf for free ebooks from the comfort of home or work by logging on (with your library card) to our mp3 and ebook resource Overdrive? You can then download and read the ebooks on your computer or supported portable ebook device. You can check out their Quick Start guide and FAQ if you have questions on how to get started, or you can always, walk on down to the library and we can help you out. That’s why we’re here. Our thanks to Joseph J. MulĂ©, Director of the Thayer Memorial Library in Lancaster Massachusetts for sharing the Slate article.