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April is Arab-American Heritage Month

The Arab-American community is quite diverse, encompassing various backgrounds and religions. People who identify as Arab-American may trace their family origins to 22 different countries across the Middle East and North Africa. According to the Arab American Institute, close to 3.7 million Americans have Arab roots, although the census does not always reflect that number. Almost 82% of Arabs in the United States are citizens, with the majority being native born.[1] Massachusetts ranks 11th in Arab-American population, with the largest number of new immigrants coming from Morrocco, Iraq, and Egypt.[2]

This April, we are celebrating Arab-American Heritage month with a book display on the first floor. You can also take a look at the options on Overdrive or Hoopla, our new service that includes movies, music, ebooks, and audiobooks.

The library is currently open for browsing. If you are not comfortable entering the library, you can request items for curbside pickup during our regular hours (Monday-Thursday 9-9; Friday and Saturday 9-5). To reserve a book, place a request in the online catalog, fill out a request form, or call the reference desk at 978-674-4121. If you love these books, you can write a review or place them in the “Awesome Box” at the ground floor checkout desk.

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