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A Call for Submissions for Lowell's 2016 Youth Matters Media Festival

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What is the Youth Matters Media Festival?
A chance for the young people of Lowell to show off their artistic and creative skills.

Who can participate?
Young people in middle school or high school
Schools, after-school programs, youth organizations, or individuals

What can I submit?
We are looking for multimedia productions designed to be played on a digital device such as a computer or DVD player.
Examples include animation, videos, still shots with audio, and
Rules for Submission

Your submission must be your own original work.

Your submission can be no longer than 10 minutes.

Submit your work on a DVD / CD or flash drive.

Include the title, the names of the people involved in its creation, and the contact information for a contact person.

Entries will be shown at the 2016 Youth Matters Media Festival during April Vacation Week. Awards will be given out in a variety of categories, including a Festival Favorite award. The Festival Favorite award will be based on audience voting. So make sure your friends and family come to the showing.

For more information contact Beth Brassel ( / 978.674.1543)

The deadline to submit work is
Friday, April 8, 2016.