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Items are available at the Pollard Memorial Library (PML) or the Center for Lowell History (CLH)

The Acre: 1941-1951 by William R. King (PML & CLH)

The Acre Connection by George Lamby (CLH)

Acre Area – North Common in Lowell Neighborhoods Survey by Harriet S. White, City of Lowell Division of Planning and Development and Massachusetts Historical Commission.

The Acre Urban Revitalization and Development Project by Brian J. Martin, Anne M. Barton, Matthew Coggins and Division of Planning & Development (CLH)

The Challenge Ahead 1988-1993: the Coalition for a Better Acre Empowerment and Community Development in Lowell: the Next Five Years by Coalition for a Better Acre and the Acre Triangle Community Development Organization (CLH)

Children of the Acre: the Life of Children in the 1890s and 1990s – Children of the Acre Book Project by Suzanne deLesernier (PML & CLH)

The Emergence of the Irish as a Political Factor in Lowell 1850-1922 by William T. Flanagan (CLH) Papers and Studies Collection

Comprehensive Demonstration Program, Acre Model Neighborhood, City of Lowell, Massachusetts by Charles A. Gallagher, City Manager (CLH) – also year 2 report is available

“The Acre: Interpreting a Cultural Melting Pot” Amy Glowacki (CLH) Papers and Studies Collection

Fighting Spirit: Lowell, the Acre, and Bobby “The Brawler” Christakos by Timothy Inholt and Tom Duggan, Jr. (PML)

From Erin to the Acre: A Photo history of Lowell’s Early Irish by David McKean (PML & CLH)

The Greek Triangle of the Acre: Then and Now by Nicholas V. Karas (PML)

Oyster Shells, Rusty Nails and Rosary Beads: Irish Dig Reveals Clues About 19th Century Canal Builders by Jack McDonough UMass Lowell Magazine 23 Winter 2011 (CLH)

Lowell As a Laboratory : An Experiment in Public Housing by Julie M. Leney. Lowell Pub, 1987. (CLH) (pre-print edition, Internet Archive)

Lowell Irish by David McKean (PML & CLH)

A Survey of Health Problems in the ‘Acre” area of Lowell by the Merrimack Valley Health Planning Council (CLH)

Thesis Dissertations (CLH)

The Process of Discovery: Facilitating Exploration of Lowell’s Acre as a Way to Integrate Interpretive and Educational Objectives by Amy E. Glowacki (2006)

A Better Acre: A Master Plan for the Fletcher Street Corridor through the Acre Neighborhood of Lowell, Massachusetts  by Rosalie Johnson (1994)