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Technology classes are currently being offered again! Review the Events Calendar to see which workshops you might want to take.

The Pollard Library offers a rotating schedule of single-session computer workshops for beginners. Our “Tech Night” tutoring happens on the First Floor, by the computers at our main library on Merrimack Street. All other classes occur in the computer lab on the Second Floor of the Lowell Senior Center near the Senior Center Branch of the Library. These single-session workshops are not sequential, but repeat monthly. Current workshops cover the following topics:

  • Cell Phone Skills- Learn to use your smart phone to send and receive texts, surf the web, send and receive email, and attach and download images and documents to email and text.
  • PC Skills–  General overview of using a personal computer, such as: turning it off and on; using a mouse and keyboard; working with Windows 10 features and programs. It is highly recommended to take this class first.
  • Mouse- Not a rodent, but a way of moving around the computer screen!
  • Internet Skills – An introduction to using the internet. Topics covered include: opening a browser; surfing the web; performing a search; exercising safety online; and a brief look at email. It’s recommended that you’ve already taken PC Skills or are familiar with Windows 7, the mouse, and the keyboard.  Prerequisite:  Must be able to use a mouse.
  • Keyboarding– An introductory class, keyboarding is the updated word for typing. Learn and practice typing skills.
  • Email- Learn basic email features and set up a free email account.  Prerequisites:  Mouse and Intro to PCs
  • Tech Night –Have a question about computer skills, word processing skills, or e-readers? Sign up for a one-one-one session with our IT staff. Please note that this is for advice and instruction only; it is NOT a substitute for troubleshooting and repairing your computer. Reservation required  
  • Social Media An introduction to using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Must be proficient with using a Mouse,have good typing skills and
    have an EMAIL ADDRESS
  • Word Skills – Learn how to create, edit and save documents using Microsoft Word. It’s recommended that you’ve already taken PC Skills or are familiar with Windows 7, the mouse, and the keyboard. 
  • Lab – This is an opportunity to test those skills you’ve learned in class and ask the course instructor questions as your practice.  Please note that these are not one-on-one sessions

We sometimes offer special interest classes on topics such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Publisher, Facebook, Twitter, Genealogy, Keyboard Shortcuts, Creating Resumes, and the use of various electronic eReaders (Kindle, Nook, etc).