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Who's Art is it Anyway? Art & Commerce Panel Discussion - Thursday, April 5th, 7pm UMass O'Leary Library Auditorium

Even though it conflicts with our Non-Ficiton Book Club meeting this Thursday (I figure if you’ve invested the time to read Cleopatra: A Life you’re already coming to the meeting, and if not, it’s probably too late to start—I wouldn’t say the book is uninteresting but it is formidable) I want to give a quick plug to what looks like a fascinating event happening this Thursday, April 5th at 7pm. That would be the Dickens in Lowell / Parker Lecture Series Performance and Panel discussion on Who’s Art is it Anyway? this Thursday April 5th at 7pm at the O’Leary Library Auditorium, Room 222, 61 Wilder St, UMass Lowell South Campus.

A trio of UML professors (writer Andre Dubus III, photographer Arno Minkkinen, and musician Alan Williams) each will be sharing some of their work and then engaging in a panel discussion on some of the gnarly ethical dilemmas they face as producers of creative material—including what they think as creative producers about copyright, artistic influence and artistic property.

Reminds me of Lewis Hyde’s book Common As Air: Revolution, Art and Ownership which I’ll be advocating for at the Non-Fiction Book Group this Thursday—it all comes full circle.