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Welcome 2012, Thank You 2011

While Baby New Year is getting ready to cry the Pollard is getting ready for an exciting 2012. We have the the annual Foundation Author Night to look forward to, featuring Denis Lehane on May 24th.

Plus the Pollard is excited to be a partner in the Dickens in Lowell celebration aimed to celebrate Charles Dickens transformative 1842 trip to Lowell, as part of a global celebration of his 200th birthday. Stay tuned for details on our programming which will include a community reading program called Lowell Reads! where we’ll be looking to get as many Lowellians as possible reading and talking about Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations from June thru August. If you’ve read Great Expectations before, it’s time for a revisit, and if you haven’t you won’t believe what wonders are in store for you.

Perched, as we are, on the eve of a New Year, it seems fitting to look back on the year that is about to expire. 2011 was a great year for the Pollard, here are a few highlights:Library Snapshot Day helped us catch a glimpse of a day in the life of our library. We got some great photos, and received lots of interesting feedback.

Lowell Film Festival. The Pollard was proud to be a partner once again in the Lowell Film Festival especially since the theme of this year’s fest centered around the 150th anniversary of the commencement of the American Civil War. As you may know, our building was originally constructed as a memorial hall dedicated to the Lowell men who lost their lives in that great conflict. We have some impressive mementos including the Phillipoteaux murals in our 2nd floor reference area of some of U.S. Grant’s victories, a piece of the ironclad warship the Monitor, and of course the marble slabs engraved with the names of the fallen Lowellians.
Foundation Author’s Night featuring Linda Greenlaw. The affable swordfishboat captain came to the Pollard and regaled us with stories from her life.

New Library Database Evergreen! The Pollard, along with the other libraries of the Merrimack Valley Library Consortium migrated over to a new open source cataloging system this past May and the transition was challenging but ultimately rewarding.

Summer Reading Program. Once again our Children’s Summer Reading program was an outstanding success.
Fall Festival. Our first annual Fall Festival was a fun filled day featuring a Friends Bake Sale, a Food For Art Raffle, face painting, performances by Elaine Kessler and Dave Norton Trio. All at just the right autumnal crispness.

Poets, authors, lecturers, speakers, etc. In 2011, our library was graced with the writerly and oratory talents of Stephen O’Connor, Jay Atkinson, Kate Hanson Foster, Chaim Rosenberg, Paul Hudon, Steven Collins and RP Hale.

Holiday Celebration. To round out the year we hosted a special Holiday celebration featuring a special Santa visit for children with sensory issues, a holiday storytime and a showing of the Muppets Christmas Carol. A story written, by the way by one Charles Dickens, whom, we may have mentioned we are planning to celebrate in grand fashion in 2012. It all comes full circle.

Happy New Year Everyone!