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Thursday Night: Lessons from Lewiston, Maine: A Refugee Story w/Cheryl Hamilton (Parker Lecture Series & Lowell Reads)

As part of Lowell Reads 2018, the Pollard Memorial Library presents Lessons from Lewiston, Maine: A Refugee Story with Cheryl Hamilton.

In 2002, Lewiston, Maine garnered national attention when more than 2,500 Somali migrants chose to make the city their home. The unexpected migration changed the city forever, and the lives of many local residents, including Cheryl Hamilton.

As the manager of the resettlement program at the time, Hamilton offers a unique perspective of her hometown in the months following 9/11. During this lively discussion, discover how the Lewiston community responded and the lessons Hamilton learned about fostering community and responding to bias and prejudice. Since 2002, Hamilton has devoted her career to advancing refugee protection and community integration, including most recently as a director at the International Institute of New England – Lowell.

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