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Three Films in Three Days

It’s always exciting to see the jersey barriers go up on Arcand Drive, because then you know Winterfest is almost here. We just wanted to remind you the Pollard is joining the fun with our own little disparate film fest tonight, tomorrow and Saturday.

First up is our monthly independent film night (2nd Thursday of every month) featuring the WWII inspired film from the Czech Republic, Protektor. This film, by Marek Najbrt, is a winner of 9 Czech Lions (Czech Academy Awards) and tells an intimate story of a husband and wife torn apart by the limitations imposed by the occupying German Nazis. If nothing else, it’s interesting to witness the effects of the WWII German occupation of Czechoslovakia from the perspective of a modern Czech filmmaker. Protektor has not been rated by the MPAA and should be considered for mature audiences. The run time is 102 min. and it is in Czech with English Subtitles.
Then, tomorrow as part of our See What You’ve Been Missing! Low Vision Open House, we will be screening the documentary Going Blind by Joseph Lovett. After years of suffering from diminishing vision due to glaucoma, Mr. Lovett decided to reach out to investigate and document how people all over the world respond to vision loss. The Lowell Film Collaborative has written a nice piece about the film and Mr. Lovett we appreciate them helping spread the word. So, come on by to the Vision Station Open House and see the station Demo from 12pm-1 and stay for a facinating documentary at 1:30PM. Not Rated. Run time is 82 min.
There’s something winterly about the Smurfs. Not in the sense that they’re cold and cheerless, quite the opposite. But there’s something about them that smacks of winter. Not sure quite what. Perhaps it’s their blue skin? Or their white pants? When it came time to pick our annual family Winterfest matinee it was clear that the little guys were going to get the nod. So, come on by if your downtown enjoying the arctic fun at this Saturday’s winterfest and warm up for a spell in the library with a modern take on a cartoon classic. The Smurfs—directed by Raja Gosnell and starring Neil Patrick Harris, Sofia Vergara, and Hank Azaria—is rated PG. Run time is 103 minutes.