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Need Tech Help?

Do you need a refresher on tech skills, job search capabilities,  or just want to get more comfortable on the computer? Our IT Specialist has put together a list of resources that you can use at home to practice your skills. Check it out at Tech @ Home on our website - or review the…
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Make Sure You Vote!

Voting is one of our most important civic duties. This year, we have the opportunity to vote for President and Vice President, one of our U.S. Senators, our Representative in the U.S. Congress, State Senators and Representatives, and two ballot questions. Election Day, Tuesday, November 3, is quickly approaching, but you don’t have to wait…
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Nobel Prize Winning Reading

On Thursday, October 8, American poet Louise GlĂĽck was awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Literature. The committee cited "her unmistakable poetic voice that with austere beauty makes individual existence universal." GlĂĽck published her first collection, Firstborn, in 1968, and through the years has received many accolades. She was named U.S. poet laureate in 2003.…
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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated by American citizens whose ancestry is traced back to Spain, Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean. Hispanic Heritage Month runs September 15 through October 15 and it starts on the 15th, because it is the independence days of 5 countries - Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and…
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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month & Read!

Autumn in New England – Get Reading!

There’s nothing like fall in New England--the foliage, the flannel, the apple orchards. Check out these 10 reads, set in New England, that evoke a cozy autumn atmosphere. These stories will have you sipping pumpkin spice lattes and seeing witches around every corner. Practical Magic - Alice Hoffman Book | eBook | Audiobook In a…
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Resources at the Library

On Friday night, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away at the age of 87. In 1972, she became the first tenured female faculty member in Columbia Law School's history. As a lawyer, she fought against gender discrimination, arguing six cases in front of the Supreme Court and winning five. Jimmy Carter appointed her…
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September is Self-Care Awareness Month

September is a time to focus on taking care of ourselves and making ourselves a priority. It is important and essential for our well-being. True self-care if keeping yourself the focus of your own life. It’s paying attention to how you feel, communicating clearly, and speaking up for yourself – no guilt allowed! Most people…
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August is National Immunization Awareness Month

Our lives are consumed by COVID-19. We worry about ourselves and our loved ones contracting the virus each time we leave the house. We want to be able to do our errands without fear, go back to work and school, and socialize. We won’t be able to open everything and return to our normal routines…
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Celebrate National Sandwich Month!

August is National Sandwich Month. The sandwich is a lunchtime staple, but every now and then you might get bored with the same old ham and cheese or peanut butter and jelly. In honor of National Sandwich Month, take a look at some of these cookbooks and get creative with your sandwich. 300 Sandwiches: A…
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Looking for Something New? Join the Big Library Read selection – The Darwin Affair – August 3-17

Pollard Memorial Library cardholders can join millions of other readers around the globe in enjoying a historical fiction thriller eBook and audiobook during Big Library Read, the world’s largest digital book club. From August 3-17, borrow and read Tim Mason’s “intellectually stimulating and viscerally exciting” The Darwin Affair without waitlists or holds by visiting the MVLC OverDrive collection or…
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The Big Library Read - The Darwin Affair

Books You May Have Missed!

Are you unsure of what to read next? Have you missed coming to the library to see what’s new? LibraryReads is a great resource for finding your next book. Each month, LibraryReads creates a list of the top ten books voted on by library staff across the country and a Hall of Fame featuring authors…
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Life’s a Beach – Suggested Readings by Alison

It’s summer—time to head to the beach! If you can’t make it there this year, grab one of these books with beachy titles. Whether you like cookbooks, historical fiction, horror, humor, memoir, mystery, romance, the paranormal, thrillers, or urban fiction, there’s something here for you. The Beach by Alex Garland The Beach, as Richard has…
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Review of Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks by Anastasia

Review of Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks by Anastasia Sakellaris I had to read this  book. It is set in England in 1666 during the bubonic plague.  Being in the midst of a present Covid 19 pandemic, I became curious about plagues during history, comparing the ones in the past and how people dealt…
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Year of Wonders Book Jacket

Staff Picks from Doug

Faster by Neal Bascomb Bascomb tells the story of how a Jewish racing driver (Rene Dreyfus) a wealthy woman who competed in races (Lucy Schell), and an engineer from the Delahaye car company (Charles Weiffenbach) beat the Third-Reich sponsored team in a Grand Prix auto race. I like reading about twentieth century history. I like…
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Staff Selections