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Suggestions for your Sunday

After you swing by the library tomorrow to get your  Wikipedia editing skills honed while at the same time learning for yourself and sharing with the world wide web nuggets from Lowell History you should then head down to the newest, tastiest, morsel in the JAMBRA pie. That’s right:  Mill No. 5 will be hosting a Farm Market tomorrow where you can get lots of great gifts from unique craftspersons from the businesses extant in the building and visiting vendors. We want to make special mention that the Pollard Library Foundation will be at the shindig selling their super-fab 2015 Audubon Calendars. And of course, if you haven’t already, please check out the beautiful new Luna Theatre. The folks there have always been supportive of cinema in the Mill City (including our monthly independent film night) and they have a beautiful new operation there at Mill 5 that we are sure you are gonna love.