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Paul Marion - Mill Power - Wednesday, December 3rd - 7PM


Please join us next week for the latest in Paul Marion’s hyper local book tour of his recently published book Mill Power: The Origin and Impact of Lowell Lowell’s National Historical Park. We are very excited to welcome again a longtime Lowell library friend and supporter who just happens to have written a compelling and fascinating book (with full color pictures) about a subject near and dear to anyone interested in the history and betterment of Lowell.

Mill Power documents the making of a national park that changed the concept of what a national historical park could be. For a time in the 1800s, Lowell was Massachusetts’s cosmopolitan, must-see second city. The city’s industrial model was as high-tech then as Silicon Valley is today. It drew the attention of luminaries like Charles Dickens, Congressmen Davy Crockett and Abraham Lincoln, feminist sociologist Harriet Martineau, and abolitionist Frederick Douglass. This insider’s account of the creative, bold community-driven process to establish the park explains why today Lowell National Historical Park is renowned as “the partnership park.” The park’s establishment was an integral piece of an urban revival strategy that has made Lowell the subject of scores of newspaper articles, magazine profiles, TV and radio reports, scholarly papers, and book chapters. For more info about this and other writings and works of Paul Marion please visit his website:

Book selling/signing will follow this reading.

About the Author:


Paul Marion is a writer and poet with deep ties to Lowell. He is currently executive director of community and cultural affairs at UMass Lowell.