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Parker at the Pollard - Chaim Rosenberg "Life and Times of Francis Cabot Lowell" next Thursday, 9/22 @7PM

As part of the Moses Greeley Parker Lecture Series, the Pollard Library is pleased to welcome next Thursday, September 22nd Chaim Rosenberg to give a talk about his recently published biography, The Life and Times of Francis Cabot Lowell, 1775-1817. Though there have been many biographies written over the years of famous Lowellians, this is the first biography of Lowell’s namesake. He was an instrumental character in the burgeoning industrial revolution though he died before ever seeing the town that bears his name. As local historian and blogger Richard Howe Jr. noted, this is going to be a special event for those interested in Lowell history so don’t miss it if you number yourself among the ranks of Lowell’s history buffs. This event is sponsored by the Moses Greeley Parker Lecture Series and is free and open to the public. For more information please contact the Community Planning Department at 978-970-4118.