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Independent Film Night Thursday, October 13th @ 6:30 - The Colors of the Mounatin

Join us October 13th at 6:30PM for the next installment of our Film Movement Independent Film night (the 2nd Thursday of every month). October’s film is The Colors of the Mountain by Carlos César Arbeláez. Winner of the San Sebastian International Film Festival, the film chronicles the small desires of the smallest citizens of a mountainside Colombian village being torn asunder by gorilla warfare. A group of school children kick their soccer ball into what turns out to be a minefield and they scheme to get it back. While to the adults around them (their parents and teacher) struggle to maintain a sense of order amidst chaos. As the director said in a statement:

I didn’t direct a film that claims to explain the complex Columbian armed conflict or the political reality of my country. I focused, above all, on the drama of the civilian population. The film is more human and, in a way, destined for a more universal audience. In The Colors of the Mountain, it doesn’t really matter what one armed group or another does in the “La Pradera” district, as the focus is on the secret psychological drama that the main characters undergo…no matter how tragic the reality of the children, they’re always ready to defend games and laughter as fundamental parts of their lives.

The Pollard Library Independent Film night occurs on the 2nd Thursday of every month. The events are free and open to the public. Please note: These Independent films are not rated by the MPAA and should be considered for mature audiences. Made possible by the Friends of the Library.