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Friends Call for Book Sale Volunteers

Dear Friends of the Pollard Library,
A message from the Vice President of the Friends, Kerry Craven regarding the upcoming book sale (May 18th—20th) at the Lowell Senior Center:

The booksale is fast approaching and there are still lots of books to sort before the first day, so I am hoping to plan a couple of times to tackle it and get a jump on the project.  The Senior Center is only open during the day, so I would be planning to spend a few hours anytime from early morning through 3:30, with a specific date to be determined based on when people are willing and able to help out. So – if you are willing and able, please shoot me an email at and I will schedule accordingly. Many thanks.

Kerry also wanted me to mention that in addition to help sorting books, the Friends are also looking for volunteers to help with last minute preparations (signage, etc.), and to staff the book tables at the book sale itself (neaten tables, welcome new friends, etc). If you are interested in helping out with any or all of the above please contact Kerry at