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Extreme Coupon Today Workshop - Saturday, March 22nd 1PM-3PM

Extreme Coupon Today

Most of us have probably used coupons at the grocery store. But are you saving the most you possible can? How do those Extreme Couponers on television shop for practically nothing? Would you like to learn how to save up to 50-100% off your grocery bill and help yourself and your family in this difficult economy? Do you want to save not only on groceries but also on household goods, clothing and much MORE? Join Elizabeth for a 2 hour class on the art of couponing where you will learn the tricks of the trade, and, hopefully start saving your hard-earned money. Elizabeth Lahens is the owner and founder of Extreme Coupon Today. She is a married mother of 2 and lives in Massachusetts. Elizabeth is proud to be an extreme couponing pioneer. She is honored to teach in over 30+ adult continuing education programs as well as in colleges and at corporate events.