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Dickens Mania

Don’t forget this weekend is the grand kick off to the Dickens in Lowell celebration. There’s lots of fun stuff to do, including this evening’s opening of the central exhibit at the Boot Gallery (behind Boardinghouse Park) . The opening runs from 5pm-7pm and will feature music food and speakers (or as Dickens might have put it—harmony, wittles, and orators).

Then come on by the Pollard tomorrow morning for Victorian Parlor games from 10am-11am. We’ll be playing authentically Dickensian games such as Blindman’s Bluff, Courtiers and Forefits as well as a take off of Pin the Tail on the Donkey called Pin the Raven on the Couch. Intrigued? We hope so.

Then tomorrow afternoon we’ll be showing the film classic Oliver! at 1pm. So get ready to feel light again! Of course, there’s lots more Dickens stuff going on all around the city full schedule here.

PLUS! Sunday evening, Masterpiece Theatre is serendipitously airing their latest and greatest production of “Great Expecations” featuring Gillian Anderson as Miss Havisham. It looks like this is going to be quite a production—and a great way to get into the story that’s the subject of our Lowell Reads “Great Expectations” program coming this summer.