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Children's Shopping Day this past Saturday was a BIG SUCCESS

A Message from Amy Woo Skinner, President of the Friends of the Pollard Library:

To all you wonderful volunteers, donors, and supporters of the Friends of the Library:

I am very pleased to tell you that this weekend we successfully launched our first Children’s Shopping Day event.

Approximately 70 families participated, enabling over a hundred
children, ages 4 to 14 to enjoy shopping “on their own.”

With the gentle and assuring help of our cadre of teenage volunteers, our young shoppers bought gifts for their loved ones,  got their treasures wrapped and gift tagged from a dedicated team of wrapping assistants, and headed out the door in time to enjoy the City of Lights Parade.

Thanks to an outpouring of donations from you and the community at large, we sold over 400 items and still had loads of donations left over. (We’ll be donating these items to Lowell’s Washington Elementary School which will host a similar shopping event next month.)

Altogether the Friends made over a thousand dollars, an amount that has exceeded our expectations and made us look forward to transforming this experience into an annual event.

Here are a few photos of the event for you to enjoy:

Thank you all again for making the event such a memorable one.

Best wishes,

Amy Woo Skinner
President of the Friends of the Library