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Check out the new After Hours Media Drop Box

Check it out! Or “Return it”, I should say. We have some really great news for those who can’t make it to the library during normal operating hours but want to avoid late fees on CDs, Audiobooks and DVDs. The library has installed a “Media Drop Box” for CDs and DVDs right next to the current Book Drop on Colburn St. This feature was one of the most common suggestions we received from our suggestion box and so we felt the need to answer your request.

The reason we can’t allow you to return CDs and DVDs in the overnight book drop was because all too often the weight of the heavy books would damage the fragile CDs and DVDs. But due to overwhelming demand we installed a Media Drop Box so the audio/visual material needn’t fear being crushed or damaged.

So Return away! Please continue to return books in the regular book drop. And please do not put donations in the book or media drop boxes. If you would like to make a donation to the library please call 978-674-4120 or email the Friends of the Library at