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Absentee Voting Announcement from Election Commission

Announcement regarding Absentee Voting Hours

The Lowell Election and Census Commission announces that their office in Lowell City Hall (Room 5) will be open on Saturday, April 27 from 10am until 3pm for voters who need to cast absentee ballots for April 30 special US Senate Primary.  Access to city hall on Saturday, April 27 will only be available through the JFKPlaza entrance.

Under Massachusetts Law, voters may cast absentee ballots for the following reasons only:

1) absence from the City during polling hours (7am – 8pm): or

2) physical disability preventing you from going to your polling location; or

3) religious belief

Voters who are eligible to vote absentee and wish to vote over the counter may also do so during the normal weekday office hours of 8am to 5pm.  The deadline to apply for absentee voting is Monday, 12:00 noon, April 29 – the day before the election.  But voters who are requesting an absentee ballot through the mail are urged to request the ballot as soon as possible.

To request an absentee ballot through the mail, you may request an absentee ballot application from the Election & Census Commission or send a letter of request including the following: your name and Lowell address where you are registered to vote, the address where the ballot is to be sent, your signed name, your printed name, and reason for voting absentee.  Voters who are not enrolled in a political party must also inform us which party (Democrat or Republican) ballot they would like to vote.

Voters who are not current in the census will only be allowed to vote if they submit their ballots with a copy of identification and sign an affidavit that they still reside at the given Lowell address.

For further information about your voter registration status or absentee voting procedures, please call the Election Office at 978-674-1200.